Back-to-School! Are You Ready???


September is go-time! Back-to-school wardrobe, supplies, haircuts, doctor appointments, soccer, dance classes, new friends, parent committee meeting, fundraisers…the list is endless and stress for both parent and child is at an all time high

Now that I’m a 6 year veteran to the whole back-to-school thing, there’s less panicking and more preparing! Here are a few tips to help make the transition to back-to-school a whole lot easier.

1. When my kids do have some down time they love to play games. I love puzzles because I believe it helps clear their mind and learn how to focus. However, puzzles are cumbersome, take up a lot of  space and get so frustrated when we loses pieces…which is why I LOVE  Magic Jigsaw Puzzles.

magic JigsawWhen you download this app you get access to more than 20,000 digital jigsaw puzzles right from your phone. It gives you the freedom to do puzzles anywhere without losing the pieces and it’s free to play on Facebook  or download from all the major app stores.

And if you order soon you can receive an 80% discount on their premium puzzles, which include puzzles developed from their partnerships with National Geographic and Sony Pictures! What a great way to kick off the school year!

2. Did you know that 38 million school days each year are missed from influenza alone? Which means parents need to be proactive in teaching our kids healthy habits and helping prevent the spread of germs in the classroom

That’s why Lysol Disinfecting Wipes are always on our back-to-school supply list.  They kill 99.9 percent ofLysol Dissinfecting Wipes bacteria and viruses on commonly touched surfaces. We use them on door knobs, light switches, desks, and counter tops and especially keyboards!

In addition Lysol Disinfecting Wipes are Box Top Eligible! Lysol has a continuing partnership with Box Tops for Education. So by adding Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to your back-to-school supply list you’ll help provide funding for schools in America.  Support your child’s school one clean surface at a time.



3. One thing we all don’t want to think about until we have to think about it is lice. August marks the beginning of lice season in the U.S. and now is the time when classroom outbreaks are at their peak.

nix_ultra_lice_removal_kitTo prepare my family has always has pesticide-free Nix Ultra® solution in our medicine cabinet. Nix is the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand for head lice treatment and their Nix Ultra® Lice Removal Kit helps parents eliminate lice, even hard-to-kill super lice, from heads and homes.

This easy-to-use over-the-counter kit safely kills both traditional and super lice.

The removal kit includes:

  • Nix Ultra® solution
  • Nix Ultra® Lice Removal Comb
  • Nix Lice Control Spray for the home

It can be found at drug, food and mass merchandisers across the country.

One of my favorite features is the Nix online tracker. Go to , enter your zip code and find out what the incidence level is in your area.  This helps you spot and prepare for lice outbreaks wherever you live or plan to visit.

I hope these tips help, come back tomorrow for more back-to-school tips and tricks!




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