Tips for Managing Back-To-School Stress

September is go-time! Back-to-school wardrobe, supplies, haircuts, doctor appointments, soccer games, dance classes, new friends, parent committee meeting, fundraisers…the list is endless and stress for both parent and child is at an all time high. Now that I’m a 6 year veteran to the whole back-to-school thing, there’s less panicking and more preparing! Here are a few tips to help make the transition to back-to-school a whole lot easier for parent and child.

As a parent – Whether you’re at work, or running errands, how many times have you wished you had an extra set of eyes at home? Well you can. The Amazon Cloud Cam is an affordable and easy to use home monitoring system that can provide protection and peace of mind.

The Amazon Cloud Cam lets you keep an eye on things at home no matter where you are. You can check a livestream on your computer or mobile device, or set up custom notifications for when it detects motion, like when the kids are coming or going, or a pet is acting up. In addition to the incredible night vision it also has two-way audio so you can remind your kiddos to get started on that homework or clean up their room! 

During the summer routines are lost to lazy days, but now that school is back in session it’s time to streamline our routines in order to make life easier for all.

Let’s start with the mornings, I always feel like I’m just barely pulling it all together as we race to the bus stop. Truth is, nothing happens until I’ve had my 1st cup coffee and because I NEVER have time to sit and sip, I’ve started using these Chinet Comfort Cups. 

These hold up to 16 ounces of much-needed coffee and fit most single-serve machines so you can make your coffee just the way you like it. Plus, their easy-fit, snap-and-go lid, allows you to grab your beverage and take it wherever you go without worrying about spills or messes. I love the double wall of insulation which keeps your drinks hot and your hands cool. They definitely make my mornings easier so I can focus on the kiddos. You can find Chinet Comfort Cups at most grocery and big box retailers.

Moving on. Half of the insanity comes with cleaning up the constant mess. The house is turned upside down, by kids running in and out, dragging mud and dirt all over your floors. So I was super excited when I found one tool to tackle all of our back-to-school muck quickly and easily.

The Rejuvenate Click n Clean helps you speed clean every flooring surface – that’s right, every flooring surface.  From hardwood to laminate to tile, carpet and even that hard to tackle grout. The Rejuvenate Click n Clean multi-surface spray mop is light weight, easy to use so that you literally click, clean and go.  Plus it comes with 2 reusable microfiber cleaning pads the can be washed over 400 times which saves you money and is good for the enviroment. With the kids finally out of the house and back to school, floors will be clean and you will have more time to focus on the things that matter most. You can find this exclusively at Home Depot.

Back to school days are long, tiring and work up quite an appetite. When my kids get home, they are always STARVING. I’m always looking for quick, stress-free snack options….something I can whip up while I TRY to get them to tell me about their day. Ellio’s Pizza and NEW Breadsticks are delicious and easy snacks to enjoy right after school. They are made with 100% real cheese and ready in less than 15 minutes….leaving my kids happy and ready to tackle their after-school activities.

And for the 2nd year, Ellio’s is awarding a $10,000 scholarship to a remarkable kid as part of the Phenomenal Kids Scholarship Contest. To submit your own phenomenal kid, just visit

I hope these tips help! Remeber not to over commit yourself or your child. Down-time and family-time are key to a healthy and happy school year. Please remember to send comments and follow me on instagram @erekav !

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