Back-to-School Survival Guide

Just a a week into the school year and already my crazy and ever changing work schedule, parent-coffees, school open houses, after school activities, homework, play dates have got me running in circles.  Below you will find some tips and great finds to help you, not just survive, but thrive this back-to-school season.

  1. Not All Snacks Are Created Equal: When we’re really busy, it’s easy to neglect our health. So I try to always have easy, nutritious snacks that my kids love stocked in the fridge. Muuna Cottage Cheese is our family favorite.

Available in Low-fat and Classic Plain, each cup has delicious real pieces of fruit on the bottom like pineapple, raspberry, black cherry and peach. It has 15 to 19 grams of protein, only 9 grams of sugar and contains probiotics. The best part? They are delicious. So much so, that my husband and kids are constantly reminding me to pick them up at the grocery store. The rich and creamy Muuna Cottage cheese is perfect for a grab and go snack, breakfast or lunch for every member of your family. 

2. Early Bird Catches the Worm: For a creature with such a small brain, that’s a pretty smart instinct. Mornings run much smoother when I wake-up just 15 minutes before my kids. Mostly because Mommy has had time to put in her contacts and have her first cup of coffee.

3. Stay Connected: As parents I believe it’s in our DNA to constantly worry about our kids and there whereabouts… if only I could implant a GPS chip!! 
Well next year my daughter enters middle school so we have already started shopping for her first cell phone. That may sound like a big responsibility for such a young person, but hear me out. The Alcatel 7, available on MetroPCS, is a great phone at a great price, making it the perfect first phone for your child as they head back to school. The Alcatel 7 brings high-end features your kids will love – like a duel camera, portrait mode, and huge 6 inch HD display – all on a budget. I love the all-day battery – it gives me the peace of mind that I can reach my kids if I have to. Now, I just need to hope she answers my calls!

4. Inspire Fun and Friendship: As the school year gets closer, I try to remind my kids how much fun it will be to see their friends and make new ones. This year, my daughter got super excited about making friendship bracelets for all her friends and all the credit goes to her Cool Maker KumiKreator. It made it fun and easy! With KumiKreator your child will braid bracelets in minutes. There are 10 unique bracelet designs and  6 different colors to choose from so that she can customize her bracelets..  Kids can make KumiKreator bracelets during after school hangout sessions or at a sleepover with their besties. It’s a great way to create fun accessories that match their outfits. You can even purchase refill packs for more color options. 

5. Family Activity Calendar: It’s time to bring back the school calendar. Hang it somewhere everyone can see it. I find this to be extremely helpful when you have multiply caregivers. As a working mom, I need my husband, my mom and our part-time nanny to all be “in the know”. I use to be the sole keeper of my children’s ever changing and very busy schedule. At night dates for doctor appointments, birthday parties,  after school activities would swim through my head. Not anymore. Everyone (including me) knows to turn to the trusted school calendar for answers.

6. Family Dinner: Last, but certainly not least be sure to sit and have a family dinner (homemade or takeout) as often as possible. It’s amazing the things my children will share at the dinner table… and be sure to make clean-up a group effort!

I hope these tips help. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy school year and be sure to follow me on instagram @erekav

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