2013 you flashed by in a New York minute…and in a “New York minute everything can change” -the Eagles

I have no complaints. It was a year to remember, an intense year made of hard work, big changes, laughter, tears, lots of love and a little luck. I have flash backs of magical moments that I wish I could hold on to forever. But time moves too fast. Comfort comes in knowing that while memories fade, they are not lost. Instead they become a part of us.

My plan for 2014 is to accept and learn from all of the choices I made over the last 365 days so that I can ensure 2014 will kick 2013’s ass.

Most of my personal goals and resolutions for 2014 will remain private, but here are a few I’m willing to share.

I WILL PULL FAMILY AND FRIENDS CLOSER. I will continue to tell those I care about how much I care and why. I WILL ALLOW MYSELF TO FALL ASLEEP CUDDLING MY LITTLES. I will host a dinner party at least once a month. I WILL SAY “YES” MORE AND “NO” LESS TO MY KIDS. AT WORK I WILL DO THE OPPOSITE. I will dance more. I WILL SLEEP MORE AND DRINK…A LITTLE LESS. I will read more and use exclamation points less!!!! I WILL STAY PRESENT, LISTEN TO MY CHILDREN, ENCOURAGE THEM TO BE BRAVE AND TO LIVE OUTLOUD. I will lead by example.

But most of all….I will remain GRATEFUL.


  • We said goodbye to diapers. Enough said.
  • After two LONG years Randy completed his MBA at Columbia and I got my partner back.
  • We took our first vacation without the kiddos. It was an exhausting and rewarding trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. We learned that 5 days is too long to be away from the littles and that Randy doesn’t do well with booze and high altitudes.
  • We sold our apartment and bought our home. A home that will be filled with family, friends, food and fun for years to come.
  • Without a single tear our fearless daughter started kindergarten and our brave boy started preschool.
  • We kissed stingrays and danced with dolphins on our best family vacation to the Cayman Islands.
  • It was a year of firsts…cutting down Christmas trees, making snowmen, building fires in a home built for the Burkholder-Vetrini clan.

Cheers to more change and more growth in 2014!





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